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A Brief Bio:

Gray Basnight is deeply immersed in writing fiction after almost three decades as a broadcast news writer, editor, producer, and reporter. His books and writing cross several genres, and feature a range of voices and characters very different from himself.  

Gray lives in New York with his wife Lisa, and their golden retriever Tinta.  When not writing, he's thinking about writing while walking Tinta, watching movies, and all other daily activities.  He has lived in New York long enough to consider himself a native, though he grew up in Richmond, Virginia. 

He enjoys hearing from readers about his books and other authors they enjoy.

....................Current Family

Lisa looking into the sun of San Juan, Puerto Rico, 
spouse of many years,
and girlfriend of many years before that.

A Golden Retriever Extraordinaire, helping me drive

..................Former Family (Fondly Remembered)

Taxi (A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
loyal friend also known as: Cuteboy, Spiderdog, Ticky-Tack, Fearless Kibble Hunter, and "Oh-My-God- Look-At-That-Dog."