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The Haunts of Favorite Writers, published by Down & Out Books Newsletter




     Travel and writing go together. So does travel and reading.

     As a writer, I've traveled to do research on manuscripts in progress, and to discover new things, places and people that I may someday write about.

     As a reader, I've been a pilgrim to the haunts of writers whose words I cherish. For me, language, writing, and books are the finest gifts we've bestowed upon ourselves as humans. The first type of writerly travel is work. The second is fun.


My Favorite Crime Movie, published by MWA New York Chapter



     As a 14-year-old in 1967, my principal reason for living was marathon listening to Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour. Distraction arrived at the end of the year in the form of a movie that immediately earned lifelong status as my favorite crime flick. From the standard list of film genres, it also rates near the top of my favorite drama and horror films.

     The accolades do not stop there. It was based on a book that is one of the best and scariest crime novels ever penned.

     I am talking about Truman Capote's literary masterpiece In Cold Blood, and the black-and-white cinematic tour de force of the same name written for the screen and directed by Richard Brooks. It's rare that both book and film work so magnificently. It happens here largely because both are honest, in depth studies of two soulless men stalking a twisted version of the American dream.