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Click on the link below for an audio sampling of FLIGHT OF THE FOX, voiced by Doug Shapiro; sound engineering by Sarah Van Essendelft, Nicholas Wagner, and Brett Barry of  SUNY, New Paltz.

Flight of the Fox  

Published by Down & Out Books


     College professor Sam Teagarden stumbles upon a decades-old government cover-up when an encoded document mysteriously lands in his in-box, followed by a cluster of mini-drones programmed to kill him.

     That begins a terrifying flight from upstate New York, to Washington, to Key West as Teagarden must outfox teams of hitmen equipped with highly sophisticated technology. While a fugitive, he races to decode the journal, only to realize the dreadful truth—it's the reason he's being hunted because it details criminal acts committed by the U.S. in the 20th Century.

     If he survives and publishes the decoded diary, he'll be a heroic whistle blower. But there is no guarantee. He may also end up dead.